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Hi Kathy,

I will teach who ever would like to learn!! IF we get 4 or 5 or more adults wanting to learn, we can have a special class for them!!!

Thank you for signing up Stephan!!


What a great idea Chris!!!

I am signing up Stephan he has no idea how to play I have been working on him all this week into getting into it after watching a great concert on Croatian t.v. with a tamburica orchestra that was so cool. Since we have to bring our kids maybe you could teach some of us parents (if they are interested).


MAC..... THANK YOU!!!!

I completely support this...please encourage your children to play tamburica...it's great that we have someone that willing to teach them...take advantage of this...NOW...before it's too late....and we have no more Tamburica at St Anthony's


Hello everyone.

I think it is time for us to organize a Junior Tamburica group in Los Angeles here at St. Anthony's Church!! The CFU Junior Tamburitza Festival will be in Croatia in 2009! WE, St. Anthony's, should send a group of young children between 10 and 18 years old to represent our city and Church.

If you have a child interested in learning to play the tamburica please contact me. If your child all ready knows how to read music and plays another instrument then the hardest part for them is all ready done. IF your child doesn't read music, I will teach them how to read music. We have almost two years to put together a group and learn to play together. We probably only need about 12-15 minutes of music to learn. WE can do

I would like to get started in September!!

IF you are over 18 and want to learn to play PLEASE contact me!!

I will teach the students that want to learn. I am sure Maureen, (MO) Speakman and Tom Yeseta will help me with this.

Please encourage your children to do this!! Our MUSIC is dying in Los Angeles because nobody is learning to play it!! In about 10-15 years the Tambura will be silenced at St. Anthony's if we don't start to do something now!!

Thank you
Chris Thomas

Hello Everyone,

Well said Maya, but one person you have forgotten to mention is yourself. Your hard work and dedication to get the job done and overall wellbeing of Croatian Children’s school is truly appreciated. We all know that every individuals (be it a parent, child or anyone else willing to help) dedication and hard work is what makes the school a success. You all play such an important role. Parents thank you for bringing your children week after week. Children thank you for your dedication and hard work with learning everything that is asked of you. Job well done!!!!!! See you next semester! Have a great summer!

Katica Ban

June 18, 2007

Dear parents, children and all parishioners!

We are lucky to have an event like St. Anthony’s Croatian Annual Picnic.

Therefore, I would like to express thanks to our priests:Msgr. Diomartich, Don Mate Bizaca and Don Vlatko Poljicak, and of course to all the volunteers who carried out the valuable work!

The Father’s Day Picnic was fun, wasn’t it? Having good food prepared by all helpers while enjoying the music played by our own Tamburica Orchestra.

A special thanks to Pero Biscan and Vido Artukovich for making the stage. Without it, the kids couldn’t have performed so well.

Looking back, we The Croatian Children School accomplished so many beautiful events making our parishioners joyful, and importantly showing what is possible when team work is involved. This is an essential message for our children to follow and maintain our Croatian heritage.

Our school wouldn’t be successful without our benefactors who conscientiously support our dreams. Due to their exceeding donations CCS was able to make beautiful costumes for new generations to come. My deep gratitude to you all.

Now, I would like to show my immense appreciation to Zeljko Jergan who orchestrates our folklore curriculum with Katica Ban, Heidi Granic and Lara Ruzevic coordination. As a result of this vigor, our Parish can enjoy 2 one of a kind programs a year.

Paula Kolic is another teacher who works tirelessly, contributing a significant attribute to our school. She is a teacher for the youngest group where she educates Croatian language, making it fun and easy. Her work is a valuable asset to us all. Also, our finances are safe under the watchful eye of Dragica Grabovac.

Let us not forget that our children fulfilled four unique events, made beautiful Christmas cards and sang during the Christmas Mass.

They learned dances from two different Croatian regions, 14 Croatian songs and the Croatian Anthem. What a triumph!

I thank all families for their commitment and assistance. Most of all big “cool” thank you to all CCS kids who worked very hard with enthusiasm even when it was tiresome to repeat “teta” Katica’s directives.

The Croatian Children School has a small army of workers supporting our work with their imput. Nancy Brkic who does so many little-big things, making my job a lot easier, Zora Cadovec is our guardian angel with the help of Manuel Aguirre.

Furthermore, to moms from big “Kolo” Bozena Sep, Marica Lasic, MaricaSpralja and Kathy Sucevic who helped us with costumes and other various details, we are all grateful and happy to have them. Thank you to John Viculin for his patience and inspiration.

It makes me proud to be a leader of such dynamic group of people.

Big “Kolo” and all your members, your work became so inspirational to us all. It is an absolute joy to watch you perform with such heartiness. What gusto!

Now, this school year came to an end. We are looking forward to another one yet to come. Join our school; discover entertaining and valuable knowledge about beautiful land of Croatia and its people. We will have lots of fun.

Have a great summer and see you in September 2007!

Maya Bristow
School Director

January 06, 2007

Dear parents,

As of January 07, 2007, Croatian Children School will start with the enrollment.
Classes will start the following Sunday on January 14, 2007, after the Holy Mass at 11:30 with “Kolo” and language/singing.

Please advise your kids to go immidiatelly after the Mass to the big hall to see Katica.

Thank you,
Maya Bristow

06. siječanj, 2007.

Dragi roditelji,

7. siječnja 2007. Hrvatska dječja škola počet će s upisom.
Nastava će početi slijedeću nedjelju 14. siječnja 2007., nakon svete mise u 11:30 sati. Počet ćemo s "Kolom" i pjevanjem.

Molimo vas da obavijestite vašu djecu da odmah poslije mise odu kod Katice u veliku dvoranu.

Maya Bristow

20. kolovoz, 2006.

Dragi roditelji!

Hvala na zanimanju koje pokazujete prema Hrvatskoj dječjoj školi pri župi sv. Ante.

Vaše povjerenje i spremnost da upišete dijete u ovu školsku i odgojnu organizaciju, bit će nagrađeno predanim radom upravnog odbora i učitelja škole. Uz hvalevrijedno nastojanje da djetetu pružite mogućnost upoznati bogatu hrvatsku kulturnu baštinu, uvjeravam vas da ćete i vi sami pronaći smisao učlanjenja u ovu organizaciju.

Promičući, naime, međusobno radno zajedništvo djece, učitelja i roditelja, doprinosit ćete istovremeno i ostvarivanju temeljne zadaće ove specifične etničke župe. A ta je: da upravo uz kulturološku prilagodbu četrnaeststoljetnog hrvatskog kršćanskog nasljeđa čitava naša župska obitelj primjerenije živi svoje zajedništvo vjere i ljubavi.

Neka tome doprinese i ovaj pravilnik koji dijelom izrasta iz plodnog četrdesetgodišnjeg djelovanja ove dječje škole.

A naš nebeski Otac blagoslovio vas i vašu djecu!

dr. Mate Bižaca

2006/2007 Upravni odbor / Board of Directors
  MAYA BRISTOW (818) 800-7350
  DRAGICA GRABOVAC (626) 355-2682
  LARA RUZEVIC (562) 277-4925

Za registraciju nazovite /To Register Call (213) 628-2938

Za djecu preko 3 godine / Accepting Registration for Children 3 and Older
Školarina $80 po semestru za prvo dijete / Tuition $80 per Semester for the 1st Child
$20 po semestru za svako slijedeće dijete / $20 per Semester for Each Additional Child